Bandalier University: Different Learning Methods

As we take new team members through Bandalier University, our goal is to give them all the tools they need to succeed. With that in mind, our curriculum incorporates different learning methods throughout each training course.

Almost everyone has heard about different learning styles. Some folks retain information more effectively when taking notes, others do better when doodling, and some people learn by doing. Much like the learning pyramid, there’s a lot of debate around the idea of different learning styles. The more learning styles you can incorporate, the better. Changing up your presentation style helps keep learners engaged and helps them retain more information over time.

The Process

Throughout Bandalier University, we present the same ideas in different formats. Team members start off with a video introducing the topic at hand. Once they’ve reviewed the video, they complete a quiz. Super standard. It’s our review process that’s unique. As reps move through interactive training, they learn about each step of a regular call, and what our best practices are. Before moving into practice, they meet in small groups to review the materials they’ve studied. Our Learning and Development leads the discussion. These conversations help check reps’ understanding of the materials and clear up any points of confusion.

Once our trainees understand the basics, they start reviewing real calls from our team members. We keep a call library with thousands of submissions from our team over the past few years. Calls might be good – or not. Both are critical for our team members to learn how to improve. This first call review is critical for a lot of folks. It gives them the opportunity to identify the techniques they’ve recently learned, and hear how seasoned reps implement them and find success.

All About Practice

With learning and review out of the way, it’s time for our team members to start practicing. Their second week of training is full of roleplay opportunities. Reps practice delivering feedback in call review settings, and their presentation in client-facing meetings. Coaching reps through role-plays of their most common meeting helps them feel more confident when they join their client’s team.

Bandalier University’s goal is to give folks who are new to sales a robust toolkit to use for their first calls. With a set of training materials that present each new topic in multiple formats, we help our team members ramp faster. If you’re ready to start your sales career, you can apply on our careers page! If you need a sales team that can ramp quickly, reach out to us here.

Authored by Abagael Rudock

“Think small and act small, and we’ll get bigger. Think big and act big, and we’ll get smaller.

Herb Kelleher