This week on the Bandalier’s New Leader Series, we’re celebrating the second new Program Manager of the group – congratulations, Lilia Nunez Guerrero!

When she joined us as a full-time sales rep in February, Lilia was still a full-time college student working on getting her degree in psychology. With such a busy schedule, it amazed us how fast she was able to learn sales skills and apply them to her client – she actually booked a meeting on her very first cold call!

After seeing such immediate success with us, it was clear that Lilia had what it takes to be a great sales rep. She consistently had that sort of impact on her team’s success, and five months later, Lilia was promoted to Junior Program Manager in July. Ever since, she has continued to impress us with how quickly she’s implemented leadership skills. Not only does she routinely host call review sessions and team huddles, but her advice and guidance to newer reps on the team has directly translated to their success as well.

We caught up with Matt Krajnyk, another new Program Manager (and last week’s feature), who has worked alongside Lilia since she started – he had this high praise to give her:

She is one of the quickest learners I’ve ever worked with. She’s been thrown into difficult situations, having to learn on the fly but adapted quickly and saw success immediately. I’m so impressed with her growth from a business development rep to where she is now a Program Manager in a 10 month span! Lilia is one of the best co-workers I’ve ever worked with.

We’re all excited for Lilia and look forward to growing with her in the future. If you’re interested in working with driven professionals like her at Bandalier, head over to the careers page!