If you’ve visited Bandalier’s website, you’ve probably read our mission statement– our goal is to connect talent in small and medium-sized towns and cities with growing tech start-ups. Some of our stellar team members have seized the opportunity to work with Bandalier’s clients. If you’re a dedicated blog reader, you might remember Rob Rangel or Christian Finch’s stories.  We’re back today to celebrate the start of a new blog series on Bandalier’s alumni. Up first is Jasmine Jordan! Our CEO, Jeremy Ruch, recently caught up with Jasmine to talk about her experiences and see how things have been going since she left Bandalier.

Like many of our best team members, Jasmine was a referral from a past team member. Her sister, Juliet, had worked with Bandalier a few years previously – our team would see Jasmine in the background of Zoom calls every now and then. When Jasmine was looking for a remote opportunity in the summer of 2020, Juliet encouraged her to join the team at Bandalier. Given the quality of Juliet’s work, we had high hopes for Jasmine. Our team had been asking Juliet to bring Jasmine on board for months! She finally joined our team in August of 2020.

As Jasmine said, her first few months were a “huge adjustment – it was my first career job, first remote job, and my first sales role. There was a lot that I was unsure of, but the training programs helped build my skill set and confidence.” Jasmine also relied on her teammates for help – “even though we were all remote, it still felt like everyone in the company was very connected.” Her infectious positivity endeared Jasmine to our team, and she became a cornerstone rep on her program, always there to help her team members work through the challenges they ran into. Over time, she realized that it was “interesting to learn how much of sales is just a numbers game, especially where emails are concerned. It helped inform how I set my goals. It was interesting to see how applying the things I learned about setting attainable goals from Bandalier U to my work with the client. Sending enough messages meant I could lock down a demo, and that was an exciting experience every time.”

Thanks to Jasmine’s excellent time management skills and work ethic, she joined our leadership team in February of 2021. She started officially leading her program, using her experiences to inform her management style. 

“I’d think about what I wanted from management to inform my actions, and it helped a lot that I was on the ground doing the same work as the rest of my team. I constantly had to remind myself that not everyone works the same way that I do, so I had to keep in mind that everyone communicates differently and would be receptive to different forms of feedback to help them reach their goals. My biggest lesson from leadership was about what motivates people – whether it’s intrinsic or extrinsic and finding a way to help everyone work together better.”

Jasmine made such an impact on her client that they offered to hire her directly in the summer of 2021. As she describes it, “I moved into leadership as my client  was looking to reshape their SDR team; they needed team players that they already knew, and it was a perfect opportunity.” While we were sad to see Jasmine leave our team, we knew that she’d be seizing an amazing opportunity with her client. As she wrapped up her conversation with Jeremy, she offered this piece of advice to new Bandalier reps:

“Take any opportunity that comes your way – you may not think you’re good at sales, but you may surprise yourself. Keep setting goals and don’t turn down an opportunity when it comes your way. Bandalier offered me a gateway to so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.”

We’re excited to celebrate Jasmine and all of our other incredible alumni – keep an eye on our blog for the next post in our series! If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with ambitious young sales professionals, check out our careers page to apply.