We caught up with Jasmine Jordan to talk about her time at Bandalier and how it prepared her for her current role.  

What was your educational and work background prior to joining Bandalier?
I had just graduated from SUNY Cortland with a Bachelor’s in Business Economics, and an Associate’s Degree from Tompkins Cortland Community College in Sustainable Farming and Food Systems. I was very focused academically and most of my work experience revolved around various on campus/leadership positions. However, I did have some experience working with NYPIRG in an internship over the previous summer where we would campaign door to door in NYC for environmental awareness.

What made you choose Bandalier specifically?
The pandemic really threw a wrench in my plans during my preparation for graduation. I had no idea what to do when everything went remote over the last few months of that semester. 

I applied to Binghamton University to pursue my Masters in Sustainable Communities and a certificate in Disaster Relief Management. At about the same time, my twin sister, who worked at Bandalier a year before me, encouraged me to apply and keep all my options open during that time. So I reached out to the Bandalier team and applied for a full time position. Little did I know how life changing that decision was. 

Within a few weeks, both Binghamton University and Bandalier had accepted my applications and I soon found myself balancing full time work and school. 

What was it like onboarding at a fully remote company?
I loved it; it was super personal! I joined the team when we were about 50 members and it felt like a really close-knit team that was equally invested in helping you learn and grow within the company! It was so easy to reach out for help, roleplays, and guidance since it was so simple to connect to anyone within the company. Plus, I just really enjoyed the flexibility of remote work!

Tell us what a typical day in the life at Bandalier looked like for you? 
My main role was as a BDR, so most of my day was spent reaching out to prospects and companies mainly via email and LinkedIn. We did some calling, but we found that for our campaign it wasn’t the most effective use of our time since our point of contacts were all remote at the time and office phones were not in use often. So, I helped create various dynamic email and linked in cadences that better tailored specific types of outreach. I also helped my team with their own daily tasks and outreach.

You progressed into a managerial role at Bandalier before moving in-house with your client, what was that experience like? 
In this role, I helped manage my team, conducted 1:1s, held client meetings, as well as did various administrative tasks. There was never a dull moment at Bandalier and as time went on, it was so cool to see that as I grew in skill and experience, the company expanded and grew as well. 

You moved in-house with your client earlier in 2021 as a BDR, tell us how that process unfolded?
My desire to eventually move in house with them started almost immediately. I loved everything about the product, the company, the people – everything. Around spring of 2021, they started to seriously consider moving me in house and probed my interest. It just felt so right. However, I was still pursuing classes and because we would have to be in person during the fall semester, I told them that I would need to go part time.  By fall of that year, I joined them completely as they created a part time role for me within the company. 

How did your experience at Bandalier prepare you for the work you’ve done since moving in-house?
I felt so incredibly comfortable. I was the only BDR at the time but was doing the same work and it was so enjoyable. It was something I knew how to do very well, and I was so prepared for it because of my experience with Bandalier. There was practically no learning curve whatsoever.

Tell us about your current role and what you’re working on right now!
I’m currently working as a BDR on the team. My work is very similar to what I was doing at Bandalier. My days are spent prospecting, doing outreach, booking meetings for our Account Executives, helping revise cadences, and answer any questions our new team members might have. Once I am full time however, I hope to become a team lead and help fully train and guide a group of our incoming awesome BDRs!

How did you grow while at Bandalier?
So many of my professional and personal skills grew while I was at Bandalier. (Fun fact: I now find myself A/B testing everything – even down to figuring out which brand of food my cat likes more). Whether it was time management, organization, client facing, or overall management skills, I felt I grew as both a professional and a leader. There were some challenging times as with any position or role, but every single experience helped to encourage, motivate, train, and grow me into the professional and person I am today.

Who do you think Bandalier would be a good fit for?
Anybody. I feel that Sales is something anyone can learn and understand. With dynamic training like what I received at Bandalier, it not only becomes a skill but a passion. 

What is the biggest thing that surprised you about working in B2B sales?
How quickly I loved it. When I thought about sales, I thought about telemarketers and my experience working in B2B sales radically changed my perspective in sales and selling overall. It was so different from what I perceived, and I actually fell in love with what I’m doing now. (It’s honestly shocking just how much I enjoy it)

If you could give one piece of advice to somebody who is just starting their career in sales, what would it be? 
Be flexible to change. I couldn’t tell you how many times we changed email cadences, call scripts, and messaging overall. It was constantly changing, so being able to thrive while being flexible is critical. Also, share your ideas and your creativity. Sales is only ever as strong as the people doing the sales, so stay open, be creative, and you’ll learn to love it.