We wanted to take a moment to celebrate someone who usually works behind the scenes at Bandalier – we’re pleased to introduce our Director of People, Dr. Caroline Millen!

Caroline joined our team at the beginning of 2020. We spent months looking for the perfect person to help direct our team as it grew, and Caroline was a perfect fit! After beginning her professional career in higher education, she was ready to make a change. She wanted to engage with her community in new ways, and knew that she could do so with Bandalier.

She made a big splash within Bandalier the moment she started. If you read our recent post on personality types, you’ll know that we all took the MBTI survey earlier this year – Caroline spearheaded that project in order to understand our team more thoroughly. Once she understood the composition of our existing team, she started looking for ways to keep improving our talent pool. As part of that project, she updated and streamlined our interview and hiring process to improve the experience both for our prospective employees and the leaders who were interviewing them.

Caroline’s greatest achievement is undoubtedly her work on our Talent as a Service program. In early March, while juggling the move to remote work and the needs of our team, Caroline was working on this initiative with a tiny team. With Talent as a Service, candidates can choose to be featured on our portal to be matched with new clients. This way, new programs can be up and running in as little as two weeks!

“It was born at the perfect time: we had an abundance of talented candidates looking for work as the pandemic began, and as new clients joined and existing clients expanded, we had plenty of excellent choices.”

Not only was she helping us improve by launching TaaS, but she had another, more personal project in the works: her doctoral dissertation. Caroline examined resilience and teaching essential leadership skills via virtual instruction, leveraging her past experience in higher education.

“As a special educator, I’m especially passionate about accessibility. Whether that’s ensuring all students have access to high quality education or ensuring all talented individuals have access to exciting job opportunities, that’s where I tend to focus my work. The Talent as a Service portal does just that: current students, recent graduates, entry-level professionals and experienced salespeople can highlight their unique and diverse abilities and match with exciting entrepreneurs and startup companies.”

We couldn’t be more proud to have Dr. Millen as our Director of People! If you’d like to learn more from her, you can connect with her on Instagram @carolinedmillen, or on LinkedIn @carolinedmillen. If you’re interested in joining our team, please visit our website and apply today!