If you follow our blog, you know that we love to collect data as we test new techniques during our outreach. As part of our company’s commitment to kaizen, each of our team members runs a monthly A/B test as they work to improve their call techniques. This week, we wanted to highlight a particularly successful A/B test from one of our new outsourced sales team members!

Romilly Robertson joined our team at the start of the summer. Once they had finished their Bandalier Bootcamp, they hit the phones hard. Unfortunately, they weren’t successful at the start – it was nearly impossible to reach decision makers. After their first few weeks of outreach, Romilly and their team started to re-examine their script. While the team was looking for areas to improve, Romilly decided to start from the top.

We’ve written about the importance of asking better questions in the past. Romilly took that advice and ran with it! Throughout the month of August, they alternated between two different opening questions while speaking with gate-keepers. One was generally related to the client’s offerings (option A), while the other was highly specific (option B). Over time, it became clear that the more specific question delivered better results. When asking their general question, they reached a decision-maker on less than 25% of calls, and had gate-keepers end the call on nearly 25% of their attempts. Once they started asking their specific question, Romilly reached a decision-maker on more than 50% of their calls! As a result, they were able to schedule more meetings for their client. 

Not only did the results of Romilly’s outreach improve, but their team’s efficiency did, too! By asking a better opening question, Romilly was able to reach decision makers more quickly, as were their teammates!

“I was able to save a minute or two one each call, depending on how much the gate-keeper had to say. Even though I was the only one testing these questions, it helped the whole team save time, since they were able to ask better, more specific questions during their calls after I shared my results.”

While a minute per call doesn’t sound like much time, it adds up over the course of the week. Romilly saves nearly an hour each day by asking better questions; over the course of the week, that’s almost five hours saved! The number only goes up once you consider the impacts for Romilly’s teammates.

Romily’s A/B test is a perfect example of how our team always looks for opportunities to meaningfully improve their outreach. In addition, these tests tend to provide valuable insights to our client’s overall b2b sales outsourcing efforts. If you’d like to hear more about Romilly’s work in particular, you can connect with them on LinkedIn. For more information about Bandalier and how you can work with our team of stellar sales reps, head on over to our website!