​This week, we wanted to write a fond farewell to one of our team members who works a bit more behind the scenes. James Boedicker has been a cornerstone of our Client Delivery team, and we wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on his experiences before he moves on to another opportunity.

James joined our team in April of 2019. At the time, he was pursuing a career in marketing. When he joined our team, his goal was to build out his skill set and get closer to his dream role in tech marketing.

“I was chatting with a mentor about the field, and they mentioned that marketing is tough to get into without previous client-facing experience. Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand, so I wanted to try it out. I learned a lot about sales from the Bandalier team – especially about how hard it can be.”

After getting a good taste of sales, James wanted to explore other parts of Bandalier. He reached out to Anton, our head of Client Delivery, about exploring a new role. In October of 2019, James joined Anton’s team. James leveraged his previous experience in customer service to excel in the role, and over time, worked with more and more of our clients to deliver data and insights from our team. Here’s how he described his favorite parts of the role:

“It’s super gratifying to see a campaign succeed, knowing that it’s the culmination of work with our internal team and client. Seeing success spin up after a ramp is inspiring because it shows how collaboration can boost success. I love talking with people and helping make sure that everyone is on the same path towards the goal.”

On top of running client meetings and helping program managers pin down the obstacles that their reps are running into, James has been a key member of our marketing team. Have you read a blog post in the last year and a half? James posted it! He’s been our marketing coordinator, making sure that all of our social media profiles stay up to date and helping the team come up with new topics to write about and share.

James has been an integral part of our team over the last few years, and we’re sad to see him go – but we’re looking forward to seeing where his future adventures take him!