This week, we wanted to take some time to highlight our Junior Director of Programs, Courtney Simmons!

Courtney joined Bandalier in November of 2018, and has been absolutely crushing it ever since. Having spent years working in the hospitality industry, Courtney has a naturally outgoing and vibrant personality that quickly translated to sales. A career in sales isn’t actually what brought her to Bandalier, though – she told us:

“I actually had a friend that told me about Bandalier, and the thing that attracted me was actually the company culture.”

Since joining us as a rep, Courtney has been one of our most determined and impressive performers. If you’ve checked out our blog before, you’re probably familiar with the principle of kaizen – and Courtney’s been one of our most impressive examples of it. When she first started, she was making cold calls all day for her client, and then decided to get more creative with her outreach, taking advantage of LinkedIn and uniquely crafting personalized videos for prospects.

It didn’t take long for Bandalier to recognize her potential as a leader, as she soon found herself leading a team of four reps. That small team quickly grew into a larger team, and Courtney became one of our Program Managers. She now finds herself in the position of Junior Director of Programs, and works diligently with each Program Manager to ensure the success of each program and to keep results coming!

Courtney attributes her success with Bandalier from lessons she’s learned in her previous roles in the hospitality industry and from her managers here:

“I learned a lot of customer service skills from bartending and serving, and those jobs really taught me how to read people. I also learned a lot from my managers here. They gave me a lot of help and I had some great guidance along the way.”

We’re excited to see Courtney keep flourishing in her latest role. If you’d like to know more about Bandalier or have an interest in joining our growing team of young professionals, head over to our website!