At Bandalier, we believe in helping our team reach their goals – whether those are personal, professional, or anywhere in between! Since we love to work with driven young professionals, many of our team members have a business on the side. For our newest blog series, we’ll be taking the time to interview each of our entrepreneurs. To kick things off, we wanted to introduce each team member and their business. Here’s a selection of the entrepreneurs on our team and what they have to offer!

Colin MeagleyHustle Bean Coffee | Coffee for Entrepreneurs
“We’re like you.  We’re entrepreneurs.  We’re “hustlers”.  We understand what it’s like to grind.  We understand what it’s like to give every day everything you got in hopes of building a better life. That’s why we’re here.  We rely on coffee to keep us going, day in and day out.  We’ve spent many long days, and many all nighters, fueled by this stuff.  So we decided to make our own. Nobody was making coffee for us.  Nobody was making coffee with the understanding of how influential it can be when starting and running a business.  That’s where Hustle Bean Coffee comes in.  High-quality coffee made to fuel each and every one of your entrepreneurial ventures.”

Connor RileyTwo Mulligans
“I started Two Mulligans four years ago as a one-man operation. Trying to build my own set turned into an entire basement room filled with clubs, bags, and accessories to sell and re-sell. We have everything from full sets, individual drivers, woods, irons, wedges, and putters to apparel, and we also offer club refurbishment/regripping for local customers. Our goal is to transition to a physical location while keeping our online presence strong. We ultimately want to create the best Golf Oasis, with indoor simulators, brand new gear, fittings, refurbishing/refinishing and more!”

Alex Boucard – Alex_Hussles
“I started my channel earlier this year to document my journey to financial independence. I want to create a blueprint for success that other people can follow. If you’re interested in learning about personal finance, business, real estate or you just want to watch someone document their journey to success, then you should definitely subscribe.”

Dylan Smith – Apex Combat Sports
“Apex Combat Sports is Binghamton’s premier Mixed Martial Arts academy. Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, improve your health, or compete our programs will provide you with the framework to succeed both on and off the mats. Our talented coaches will deliver expert instruction every class to ensure you understand the movements, then our community will provide you with the support and inspiration to crush your goals!”

Jake Zall – Pop-Corn Heist: Movies, TV, Pop-Culture and More!
“At Pop-Corn Heist we aim to build an interactive community of TV & movie lovers, and bring pop-culture content to life in ways you’ve never seen before. From articles to rankings to podcasts to social media we cover all the action in every format possible. In turn, we hope to amplify the voices of fans everywhere. Whether it be a hot take or conventional praise of a beloved film, you can find it here. #JoinTheHeist and never miss a scene.”

Jarrod Pine – Vectorapparel
“Vector Apparel is a high-quality athletic apparel company. We are a brand new startup business and an avid supporter of small businesses. We are headquartered in Long Beach, NY but ship throughout the US. Our apparel company provides you with clothing that enables you to push your limits and look good doing it. We can design and produce apparel for company functions, businesses, schools, and any other organization as needed.”

Teddy Boucard – Read Rose Books
“Read Rose Books houses a diverse collection of used, vintage, and first editions books. The name Read Rose Books was chosen in honor of Lancaster, the Red Rose city, and for all of the books that will be read. There is a book for everyone from Russian literature to poetry to historic fiction. We are always happy to lend a hand and help you find your next great read. Local artists are a prominent feature at the store. From the moment you walk in you will be able to see the large acrylic paintings of Josh Manny and clay earrings/ watercolors from Morgan Popson. Also included in the store is a selection of fair trade items handmade in Peru.”

Zach Keck – ZAG Labs’ Edge Spray
“Edge started as a passion project to tackle a serious problem for indoor athletes – traction. After seeing basketball players lick their hands and wipe their shoe soles to get more grip on the court, we spent the last 2 years in the lab perfecting a safe, more effective alternative. Edge dries in seconds, softening rubber shoe soles and drastically increasing friction for the rest of the game. The goal is to fully launch Edge when COVID allows for indoor sports to resume (Hopefully Q1 2021) and then focus on our next product line. With Edge, just #SprayToPlay.”