We’re excited to start our Entrepreneurs Series with a feature on Connor Riley! If you’ve been following our social media pages, you probably know a little bit about Connor already . We briefly introduced Two Mulligans in our introduction to this series, but we wanted Connor to tell us more about his passion project.

Connor started selling golf gear almost accidentally while he was trying to build his own set of great golf gear. As he bought full sets and pulled the pieces he wanted, he realized that he could turn a profit by re-selling the others. Here’s how Connor describes his retail process:

“When people are getting rid of gear, they don’t have the patience to sell for what it’s worth. Re-selling to a major chain means that you only get ~25-30% of what you paid. So if I can step in and offer more than major chains, folks earn more on getting rid of their gear, and I can still turn a profit when I re-sell it.”

Two Mulligans’ business has been booming over the last year! As Connor built up his sales skills through his work at Bandalier, his confidence translated into more success for his side-hustle. Plus, he’s constantly expanding his network – from co-workers to LinkedIn connections, everyone knows someone who’s searching for better golf gear. As business keeps growing, Connor and his business partner hope to open a physical location and offer more services for their customers. Their goal is to create the ultimate golf oasis, with indoor simulators, brand new gear, fittings, refurbishing, refinishing, and more!

“Working with Bandalier has been great for my business. I’ve had the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other entrepreneurs, which is especially helpful when it comes to branding. I got advice from our team that helped me decide on the direction I want to take for our website, where to get branding and merch, and a potential physical location.”

If you read our previous blog post about Connor, you’ll remember that he’s always busy! The same is still true. After a day of outreach for Bandalier, Connor processes new orders and ships them; on the weekends, he makes local transactions.

From a few bags of clubs in the corner of his college dorm, Connor has expanded his inventory to a dedicated storage area, with more than 200 clubs, bags, and accessories available. If you’re interested in supporting Connor’s business, you can purchase items directly from Two Mulligans on Mercari, or reach out by emailing TwoMulligansGolf@gmail.com. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn!