We have nine team members joining our leadership team!

Leadership development

Bandalier’s been growing, and so has our leadership team! We run a robust leadership development program, and we’re excited to announce nine new leaders on our team. We’ve also introduced some new roles help our team grow.

Team Leads

Up first are our Team Leads! Renee Choong, John Langford, and Matt Ditzig are the first team members stepping into this new role. As part of our leadership development program, Team Leads work with their Program Managers to learn more about what leadership looks like at Bandalier. Their first steps toward leading a team include engaging with other team members and helping them find additional opportunities to grow and succeed.

Junior Program Managers

Michelle Bollinger and Jarren Jackson are stepping into new roles as Junior Program Managers! They’ve both done great work on our largest customer-service account, and we’ve been impressed by the ways that they’ve supported their team members. Junior Program Managers take on a few more responsibilities from Program Managers, and they join our senior leadership team to help guide Bandalier’s growth.

Program Managers

We’ve also added two Program Managers, Kelly Callahan and Andrea Dow, to our leadership team. Our Program Managers are the backbone of Bandalier. They make sure team members have what they need to succeed, and collaborate with clients to find new ways to improve the team’s workflows. With Kelly’s experience working with our customer service team and Andrea’s experience in inside sales, we’re excited to see how they help their new teams succeed!

Senior Program Managers

Last but certainly not least are our first-ever Senior Program Managers – Jesse Toler and Brenden Gorman! As Jesse and Brenden step into their new roles, they’ll be getting deeper into the weeds of our daily operations. That includes everything from managing reps’ performance to working on sales funnel analysis for our clients! These two have been cornerstone members of our leadership team since they were Junior PMs, and we’re looking forward to growing with them.

Congratulations to all of our New Leaders! This is the first post in our series, so stay tuned to learn more about each person and how they made it into their current role with Bandalier. If you’d like to connect with the Bandalier team, you can find us on LinkedIn!