Image of Bandalier's first Senior Program Managers, Brenden Gorman and Jesse Toler. After participating in our leadership development courses and running their own teams, they're taking on more duties as our team grows.

Bandalier’s leadership development process is part of our commitment to kaizen, and we’re excited to introduce our first ever Senior Program Managers, Jesse Toler and Brenden Gorman!

About the Role

As Senior Program Managers, Brenden and Jesse will be working closely with our Program Managers to help guide their growth into Bandalier’s leadership team. They’ll also get deeper into the weeds of our programs’ performance. While Program Managers set goals for their teams and oversee daily performance, Brenden and Jesse will be looking at the gears that make our programs run. When things are going well, they’ll examine the factors of our success. When things are going poorly, they’ll jump in to diagnose the problems and help create plans for the team to correct course. Their recommendations come from personal experience – both of them joined our team as entry-level reps, and have done a lot of learning along the way.

Brenden Gorman’s Journey into Leadership

Brenden joined Bandalier as an Inside Sales Rep back in July of 2020. As a member of Lydia’s team, he had a great mentor as he went through our leadership development training. But his first client was tough – Brenden was calling into a tough market with a complicated product. Whenever he made a connection, he used it to iterate on his sales process. His commitment to kaizen set an example for his teammates, and Bandalier’s team was impressed by his resilience. While resilience is one of the key traits we hire for, Brenden has displayed it in spades throughout his time on our team.

As he moved into leadership, he maintained that resilience, digging deep into the data when things were got tough on his programs. He helps his team members learn the techniques they need to succeed. When team members have feedback on opportunities to improve their sales process, he collaborates with clients to make those tweaks. Brenden’s continuous commitment to kaizen won him this year’s kaizen award, and we’re excited to see him keep growing in this new role!

Jesse Toler’s Leadership Development Experience

Jesse joined our team in February of 2021 as part of our largest outsourced customer service team. She was a quick study, and went out of her way to explore creative ways to help her retain the finer details of her client’s offerings. She tested everything from flash cards to study sessions with her teammates, and made sure to share the tips that worked best. Thanks to their collaborative study sessions, we’ve offered the highest level of service to callers. Jesse quickly became one of our team’s cornerstone members, always happy to lend a hand and tackle tough questions. As she studied leadership development, she worked alongside Jess Kehoe, and their infectiously positive attitudes helped cultivate a warmly competitive atmosphere across their team.

When Jesse became a Program Manager, she built one of the most successful outsourced customer success teams that Bandalier has ever seen. She advocated for her team members’ needs and coached them toward success, helping one client bring five stellar team members on board within their first six months of working with Bandalier. Jesse is laser-focused on helping her team members learn and grow in their roles, and we know that she’ll do the same as she coaches our new Program Managers.

Congratulations to Brenden and Jesse on their recent promotions and enduring success! They’ve both been stellar team members, and we’re excited to watch them keep growing as Bandalier does. If you’re looking for an incredible team to grow with, get in touch with us! We’re always looking for fresh talent to pair with growing companies. Apply for a new job here, or contact us about a new business partnership here!