Meet Desirée! She’s been a cornerstone of our team ever since she joined Bandalier – now that she’s earned the position of Associate Sales Manager, we wanted to reflect on her journey.

Des is a force to be reckoned with. Once she sets her mind to a task, she always finds a way to accomplish it. “If you really want something, you need to find a way to make it happen. Look for your own leads, build your own lists … don’t whine about having bad prospects if you aren’t doing anything to fix it. If you want to win, you’ll find a way. Excuses are just a way out.” 

Her drive for success is contagious. Simply hearing her on a call is enough to motivate new reps – the effect is even stronger if you ask for help. Whether you ran into a rude prospect or botched a booking, you can always ask Des where it went wrong. With her wealth of sales experience and no-nonsense attitude, she can quickly pinpoint your misstep – and help you learn from the experience. It’s a great demonstration of Bandalier’s focus on kaizen!

Congratulations are due to Des on her recent promotion. We’re excited to watch her grow into her new role as a team leader! If you want to work with Desiree and driven young professionals like her, head over to our website to learn more about our current opportunities.