Usually, we write our blog posts about current employees. This time, we’d like to introduce one of our former employees: Rob Rangel, Director of U.S. Sales at Nivoda! While at his previous job working at UPS, Rob learned about Bandalier through a friend and current employee. He was on the hunt for a company to grow with, and Bandalier presented a rare opportunity in Binghamton.

As one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Upstate New York, we offer local residents the rare opportunity to connect with growing tech companies around the world. Never one to let an opportunity escape him, Rob joined our team as an inside sales representative. 

Rob had never made a sale before joining Bandalier. Fortunately, he’s a quick learner, and leveraged all of the resources he had at his disposal. As Rob said, Bandalier gives you the opportunity to “learn from other reps, your ASMs, and the directors … there was a wealth of knowledge at my disposal, and I didn’t have to worry about the chain of command when looking for feedback on my ideas.” As a natural innovator, Rob had plenty of ideas to share!

Within his first few weeks, he was known as ‘Rob the Wrangler’ around the office. He built out his skill set, learning to analyze his outreach efforts to determine what brought him the best results. Over time, he wrangled progressively larger sales, working his way through the traditional funnel – from setting appointments at the top to closing deals at the bottom, Rob learned how to do it and excelled. He credits Bandalier’s sales training and mentorship with expediting his ability to excel in the field.

Less than a year after starting as a sales rep at Bandalier, Rob has become one of our clients. His experience has come full circle as he coaches new reps to use the same techniques that he learned. They hold loose discussions focused on problem-solving and pause often to ask and answer each other’s questions. Rob has demonstrated the grit, determination, and drive that Bandalier looks for in their employees, and we’re glad to keep working with him!

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