Up next in our New Leaders series is our Associate Sales Manager, Lydia Stewart! 

Lydia’s a people person by nature. When she started building her career, she knew she wanted a position where could “enjoy talking to people – and introduce them to things they need.” By day, Lydia developed her sales skills by raising money for a not-for-profit. To hone her skills, she picked up another job in the hospitality industry.

Lydia quickly realized that she was looking for a career in sales. When asked why she chose Bandalier, Lydia said that she wanted to “translate her passion and power in sales into helping other people build their business.” She was a perfect match for our team! 

After finishing the Bandalier Bootcamp, Lydia hit the ground running. Her quiet determination made a big impression on our talkative team, and she quickly became one of our cornerstone reps. We’ve talked about her work with CrankWheel in the past – Lydia has carried that success into every program she’s touched.

Congratulations again to Lydia on her new role! We’re excited to keep growing together.