We’re pleased to introduce the next Associate Sales Manager of our New Leaders series – meet Nick Viviano!

Nick joined Bandalier back in the winter of 2019. After studying Business Administration at SUNY Brockport, he started looking towards building a career. As a natural leader and extrovert, Nick knew he wanted to spend his days meeting new people. Throughout college, he took internships with financial advising firms. After graduating, he became an investment advisor himself. However, he didn’t find the experience he was looking for. As an advisor, he had to focus on selling himself, rather than pairing people with a product they needed. As time passed, he realized that he was looking for a different type of sales role.

Like many of our best employees – including Lydia and Zach – Nick was referred to us by a friend. After hearing about a startup in downtown Binghamton, he knew he had to apply. When asked, Nick said that “the start-up culture was a big reason I applied. I was part of building a business, not one of a million financial advisors. When you’re part of a small team, your ideas matter.” 

At Bandalier, we deliver results by creating amazing teams. Nick is a prime example – shortly after joining Bandalier, he took the lead on communicating with his client. Building relationships was a key portion of his role as a financial advisor, and he used those skills to find the client’s exact needs and help his team meet them. He attributes his success to our company-wide dedication to training and transparency.

“My time at Bandalier has been great – it’s taught me a lot. Our sales training is really in-depth, more than anything I’d done in the past. Even after training, if something is going well, you’ll hear about it; if it isn’t, they’ll tell you that too.”

Congratulations again to Nick on his new position! We’re excited to keep building relationships together.