We’re wrapping up our series on our new leaders by talking about someone who works a bit more behind the scenes. We’re pleased to introduce our Sales Ops Team Lead, Mia Horwath!

Mia joined our team a little more than a year ago, and we’ve been amazed with her work ethic since the beginning! As a student majoring in Economics at Binghamton University, she’s almost always working on something – and is graduating a year early because of it. In spite of her heavy course load, she’s been a consistently amazing member of the Bandalier team. 

“I’m trying to build up my work experience early … I’ve always wanted to be part of the full-time work force, and this position has been a great opportunity while I’m in school.”

When Mia first joined our team, she was one of our sales reps, interested in learning firsthand about how people decide to spend their time and money. After a few months of building up her phone skills, Mia realized that she wanted to pursue a different type of opportunity with us and keep expanding her skillset. She moved to our sales operations team, helping build lists of leads for our reps and supporting our sales’ reps outreach efforts with cold, hard data. Mia credits her early experience on the phones with her success as a sales ops associate.

“Having insight on what sales reps do and go through while cold-calling helps me help them. I know the quirks of Outreach and how difficult calls can be, plus the detriments that a bad lead list can be. Having experience as a sales rep really helped me understand some of their pain points.”

Mia credits Bandalier’s flexibility with her success internally. Making the transition from a sales rep to a sales ops associate to a sales ops team lead wasn’t easy, but she had our team’s full support along the way. We’re proud to have Mia on the team, and we’re looking forward to seeing how she continues to grow – both in her current role and beyond it. Congratulations again to Mia on her new position!

If you want to work with driven young leaders like Des, Zach, Lydia, Nick, and Mia, we’d love to chat with you! To learn more about Bandalier, visit us at our website.