As our team adapts to working remotely, we’ve been reflecting on what it takes to keep each other motivated. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up to keep on trucking!

  • Consolidate meetings
    • When we transitioned to working remotely, we didn’t immediately think to change our pattern of meetings. In the office, teams were constantly communicating and catching up throughout the day. We moved those micro-meetings onto Zoom without a second thought. By the end of April, most of our team was suffering from Zoom burnout. In response, we shifted the structure of our meetings. Rather than catching up across so many brief meetings throughout the day, our ASMs led longer, less frequent meetings. Even though our team members spent the same amount of time in Zoom meetings, everyone preferred the new structure.
  • Build a better community
    • It’s a tricky thing to do – how can you help your team stay connected when they have to be physically distant? At Bandalier, we started by splitting our existing teams into smaller groups. Our re-organization mirrors the in-person experience of sitting at a table with your co-workers. 
  • Focus on fun
    • Folks rarely have the same organic opportunities to converse with their coworkers now that we’re working remotely. A well-connected team is a happy one, so we started exploring options for our employees to stay in touch. In addition to encouraging casual Slack conversations, we host digital events for our team. From monthly game events to weekly post-work happy hours, we encourage our team members to enjoy their time together without discussing work!

At the end of the day, planning has been key to maintaining our outsourced inside sales team’s effectiveness. What steps has your team taken to stay productive while working from home?