Outsourced sales development programs may seem challenging to launch at first – and that may be true for some outsourced teams. However, Bandalier has created a simple, streamlined process to help our new partners quickly connect with the talent that they need. We’ll walk you through the 5 key steps:

1) Start-up leaders recognize that they need support from an outsourced sales development team.

Outsourced sales development teams help start-ups scale faster. Hiring, onboarding, and training new team members is a long, expensive process. Things change quickly at start-ups, and having a team that’s ready to ramp with you is essential.

Sales leaders typically look for outsourced sales development solutions when their team needs extra capacity. Whether the team needs to schedule more appointments or augment their inbound lead process, outsourced sales development teams can add essential capacity to help the inside sales team continue scaling.

2) They speak with Bandalier about options for outsourced sales development.

Once leaders recognize their need for an outsourced sales team, they begin looking for outsourced sales development providers. When they need extra capacity quickly, they prioritize partners who can help them connect with high-quality talent. Bandalier’s emphasis on connecting with fresh, U.S.-based talent makes the choice easy.

When we speak with start-ups about their needs, we get to know the types of team members they’re looking for. We’ll ask what qualities have made their current team successful and set goals for the program. Once we understand their needs, we’ll start building our outsourced sales team.

3) Bandalier builds an outsourced sales development team.

Based on the priorities discussed during our onboarding process, Bandalier selects the best team members to launch the program. Whether they’re preparing to enter a role as sales development representatives (SDRs) or business development representatives (BDRs), they’re looking forward to tackling new challenges. 

As our team members progress through our proprietary sales training program, Bandalier University, we evaluate their skill sets and strengths. When they’re ready to launch onto an outsourced sales team, we pair them with the roles that are best suited to their skills. As our teams grow together, they push each other to succeed.

4) Our outsourced sales development team launches outreach.

Once the team is built, they’re ready to learn the ins and outs of a new industry. After training with the in-house members of their new team, our outsourced sales development teams hit the phones. Within a few weeks, they’re ramped up to full productivity.

5) We continuously align on goals & iterate on strategy.

Once our team members have learned the ropes, they’ll begin iterating on their process. As they reach their ramp goals, we’ll work with them to set stretch goals. Over time, team members will identify which activities are most important, and set their goals accordingly.

As our outsourced sales development teams test different outreach strategies, they’ll share their feedback with different leadership groups. By testing these strategies against each other and implementing the most effective ones, Bandalier’s teams continuously improve their outreach. That means finding more connections and driving better results.

To learn more about our outsourced sales development teams, contact us today.