Bandalier has trained hundreds of new team members into top-tier sales talent, and through our data-driven training process, we’ve seen that these 5 sales training techniques are the most effective.

Roleplays: The Most Effective Sales Training Technique

Roleplays are the single most effective sales training technique, and this is especially true for new SDRs, BDRs, and inside sales professionals. Practicing each part of a phone call will help build your team members’ confidence before they hit the phones.

Give your new sales reps time to familiarize themselves with the script and supporting materials. Start them off with a basic script and add information as they develop their familiarity with each piece of material. Once they’ve mastered the basics, introduce layers of complexity. This may include conversations with gatekeepers, common questions, or tough objections.

To make roleplays even more effective, pair your new team members with different roleplay partners. Roleplaying with other new sales reps can help both roleplay participants develop their understanding of new materials while roleplaying with senior sales members will help them refine their new sales skills.

In every roleplay session, make sure to conclude with concise, actionable feedback. Don’t overwhelm them, either. Emphasize one area of positive performance and one area for improvement. As you continue roleplaying with your new team members, track their progress on the most important areas of improvement.

Sales Process Training

Before your new team members launch their outreach, teach them the details of your sales process. We recommend training them in the order of the sales process. In doing so, you’ll help your team members understand their role within the team.

Learning the steps of the sales process will help your team members refine their sales skills. Lead generation requires a thorough understanding of your ideal customer profile. As you train them to use your CRM, you’ll help them understand the structure of your sales funnel.

Goal Setting & Prioritization

Understanding how to set goals and prioritize tasks accordingly is an essential skill for every inside sales professional. However, every organization sets goals differently. Work with your new team members to ensure that they understand how their individual contributions will impact the team’s goals.

As you discuss your team’s goals, outline prioritization strategies with your new team members. When their pipeline expands, they’ll need to focus on specific activities – make sure their focus aligns with your organization’s needs.


To help your new team members grow into their roles, pair them with a senior team member who’s prepared to mentor them. Mentorship offers a wide variety of benefits for the mentors and the mentees. By collaborating with experienced team members, new reps will hone the specific skills that will help them succeed with your team. Additionally, your senior team members will have the opportunity to reinforce their essential sales skills.

Continuous Learning: Ongoing Sales Training

Whether your sales team is comprised of senior sales experts or entry-level BDRs and SDRs, ongoing sales training is essential for maintaining your team’s success. Set aside time to work with each team member each week. Use that time to polish their strengths and coach them on any areas of improvement. By continuously improving your sales team’s skills, you’ll continuously improve your results, too. Ongoing training and development will bring a myriad of benefits to your organization, so make sure it remains a top priority for your leadership team.

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