Team Member Highlight: Laura Gordon

Today, we’re excited to feature one of our current Program Managers, Laura Gordon!

Laura joined our team as an inside sales rep on a customer success program in September of 2020. She came into the team with a ton of past sales experience. She immediately used her skills to drive better results for her client. After a few months of working on outbound calls, she applied for a Junior Program Manager position – and got it! 

Throughout the first half of 2021, Laura honed her leadership skills as a Junior PM. She moved into her current role as a Program Manager that summer. Since then, she has worked with seven different clients to help them build successful sales teams. Laura’s past sales experience has helped her quickly identify obstacles and resolve them for her reps, and that same experience has been invaluable during call reviews. If there’s an objection to be given, Laura’s heard it before, and knows how to handle it.

New Beginnings

After her success in managing other programs, Laura was asked to oversee our New Business team as they grew at the start of 2022. She’s helped her team more than double their outreach activities each month. She also has worked closely with them to tweak the content of their emails and the particulars of their pitch. Our new business team has always done an excellent job of personalizing emails, but Laura has helped them find more creative ways to improve their email copy. When our CEO, Jeremy, joins demo calls, he often hears folks say that they wouldn’t have started the conversation if our first email had been anything less than incredible.

We’re excited to see Laura keep growing alongside her team, and glad to have her at the helm of our new business program! 

Authored by Abagael Rudock

“Think small and act small, and we’ll get bigger. Think big and act big, and we’ll get smaller.”

Herb Kelleher