Bandalier’s part-time team members have played a key role in our success as we build the New American Workplace. To make sure they get time in the spotlight, we rolled out the 500 Club. It’s a simple structure: once a part-time team member has spent 500 hours working with us, they become a member of the 500 Club.

Why did we pick that number? Partly because it’s nice and round – but mostly because it means that a rep has stuck with us for a significant period of time. For most part-timers, it works out to be about 6 months into their time with Bandalier. That may sound short, but think about your own experiences working part-time – you probably had a lot going on. That’s definitely true for our team members! Some folks are working to round out their sales skills as they build their own businesses; others are considering their career paths and want to see if sales is a good fit for them before committing long-term. 

Just like full-time team members, our part-timers are here to build their careers. Regardless of their long-term goals, our part-time reps find quick success with Bandalier. By connecting ambitious talent with fast-growing companies, our clients and reps are able to grow together. We do our best to make it easy to balance schedules – part-timers can set their own. That flexibility means that reps can test the best times of day to reach their prospects – or shift their schedules as new opportunities arise.

The best part of reaching the 500 Club are the celebrations! We announce new members during our weekly wrap-up, and the rep’s manager takes a few minutes to talk about their successes over their first few months. To commemorate the occasion, members of the 500 Club receive Bandalier swag from Vector Apparel (you might remember Jarrod’s company from our Side Hustle Series). Even better, the rep receives 5 full days of paid time-off – and they’re encouraged to use it. 

​If you’re looking to build your career, whether it’s for 40 hours a week or fewer, check out our hiring page! We’re excited to hear from you.