When startup teams need to grow fast, making time to train new team members can be challenging. With the rise of AI-powered platforms like ChatGPT, fast-moving sales teams have more opportunities to streamline their training techniques. Here are some of the best ways to use AI to improve sales training processes:

Create and Revise Training Documentation

Building great training processes requires great documentation. However, writing great process documents can be a time-intensive process. Creating a brief and revising it using ChatGPT is an effective time-saving option for busy sales leaders. Let’s write an example for prospecting prospecting:

Act as a startup sales leader. Write a training document that teaches new employees how to create a list of prospects for a cold outbound campaign.

Within moments, ChatGPT returned this breakdown of the essential steps for prospecting. Using this information, our team could create a new training module for team members, or use it to guide improvements to existing training modules.

Identify Training Needs and Objectives

Recognizing that your team needs to improve a specific skill is easy. Designing training modules and setting learning objectives is harder. ChatGPT can accelerate your brainstorming process and quickly identify essential learnings. For example, imagine that you’d like your team to improve their closing rates. 

You can ask ChatGPT to create a training module in two sentences:

Act as a sales leader. Write a training module that will help sales development representative improve their closing skills.

It returns a general training plan that correctly identifies essential training objectives, helpful techniques, and essential skills. Using this information, your team can customize the training module.

Customized Training Plans

While new team members can ramp up fast with general training, ongoing development requires a customized approach. If your leadership team is tight on time, it can be tough to prioritize creating custom training plans. You can improve this sales training process by prompting ChatGPT:

Act as a sales leader. I have a new sales development representative who does well with active listening and asking questions, but needs to sharpen their written communication skills and closing skills. Write a training plan that will help improve their writing and closing skills.

ChatGPT returns key objectives and a multi-week training program. These results will need to be revised to reflect the team member’s current skill level, but they serve as an excellent starting point for customized training.

Instant Feedback and Coaching

Roleplays are one of the most important training activities for inside sales professionals. However, they’re a time-intensive practice. ChatGPT offers team members the opportunity to roleplay without pulling in another member of the team. Setting up roleplays takes a more detailed prompt – download your free copy of our Modern AI for Sales Teams whitepaper to learn how our team did it.

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