Bandalier University isn’t your average training program. We’ve built a best-in-class sales development bootcamp that’s designed to help our newest team members launch into a new career path. Here’s what you can expect from the experiences:


Practicing sales conversations is the single most important training activity for new sales team members. After learning new techniques, our trainees will go through multiple rounds of practice with their cohort members, senior team members, and members of Bandalier’s leadership team. Throughout these rounds of roleplays, our trainees practice their new techniques and receive feedback on their performance. 

They’ll also get practice flipping the script – by acting as decision-makers, trainees have the opportunity to see how their techniques work in conversation. Additionally, they’ll have the opportunity to share feedback with their practice partners. 

Guided Discussions

Great salespeople ask great questions. Our guided discussions give new team members time to explore new ideas in-depth with our learning and development team as well as the other members of their training cohort. These collaborative conversations give our team members the time to dive deeper into the topics that interest them and find answers to their questions. By engaging deeply with new materials, our team members increase their retention.

Independent Practice

When it comes to learning new materials, self-paced study has consistently been proven as the most effective practice. That’s why Bandalier’s newest team members are given time to learn and study new concepts on their own before jumping back into group discussions. Independent study lets our trainees learn at their own pace. By bringing questions back to the group, our training cohorts have the opportunity to help each other learn.

Direct Feedback 

Direct feedback is an essential aspect of Bandalier’s culture. Throughout their time in Bandalier University, our team members practice giving and receiving feedback. After roleplays, we ask team members to assess their own performance before senior sales team members share theirs. At the end of the training period, we ask our team members to share their feedback on the overall experience.

AI Training for Sales

Large language models and other forms of generative AI are an increasingly popular tool for growing organizations. For our newest team members, understanding the basics of how AI works and how to leverage it to optimize their workflows is essential. That’s why we’ve added a new module on AI for Sales to our Bandalier University curriculum.

To learn more about Bandalier University and how we help fresh talent ramp up fast, contact us today.