We’re delighted to announce a few new members of our leadership team! After a little more than a year at Bandalier, Connor Riley, Alex Boucard, and Abby Rudock have all started the transition into their new roles as Junior Program Managers. Over the next few weeks, they’ll be working with their team leads to learn the ins and outs of sales management before they fully step into their new roles.

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’re probably familiar with these team members already! Connor was featured as part of our Side-Hustle Series this fall. He’s well-known within the office for his work ethic. Though he used to juggle half a dozen different roles at the same time, Connor has narrowed his focus, and is using his experience to help improve Bandalier’s outreach process. Whether you’re looking for tips on getting in touch with hard-to-reach DMs or need a little pick-me-up in the form of cute cat pictures, Connor is the guy to talk to!

Alex Boucard has been featured on our blog a few times over the last year. He won this year’s kaizen award, and has only continued to improve in the months following. He approaches sales as a team effort, and is always in the middle of a conversation as to how he can keep improving his sales process – and he’s ready to lend a hand to anyone who is looking for guidance.

Abby Rudock works a bit more behind the scenes – but you’ve probably seen her name at the end of our blog posts. As the team’s resident writer, she’s helped our team members improve their business writing skills and tweak scripts to improve their results on calls. Abby is one of the more introverted members of our team, and has been working closely with Lydia to learn more about coaching the team.

With their wealth of diverse experiences, we’re excited to see how our newest leaders help shape the Bandalier outsourced inside sales team! If you’re interested in working with driven young leaders like these folks, head on over to our website to get in touch!