Welcome back to our Talent as a Service Spotlight! This week, we’re featuring two of our team members – Jake Viza and Jake Silverstein. They joined our team shortly before the new year, and have been working hard to deliver results for their client amidst the holiday season.

Jake Viza and Jake Silverstein have both had a lot to juggle since joining Des’s team. They work with Project DADO – you may remember them from our past blog post about Christian Finch, and are constantly jumping between calls, training with the Bandalier team, and conversations with DADO’s team about best practices for outreach to their clients. 

Like Christian, Jake Viza and Jake Silverstein joined Bandalier with very little sales experience. Thanks Bandalier’s Sales 101 Bootcamp, they were up and running within a few weeks! Plus, they had the benefit of building on experience by collaborating with Christian and their team lead, Desirée. With tips from Des on how to handle tough gate-keepers and guidance from Christian on talking with decision-makers, they’ve been able to quickly deliver results!

We’re excited to continue working Jake Viza and Jake Silverstein as they develop their sales skills! If you’re interested in learning more about how Bandalier makes SaaS sales outsourcing simple, head over to our website! ​