Happy holidays from the Bandalier team! As we settle in before the new year, our outsourced inside sales teams are working hard to reach decision-makers – but with Hanukkah and Christmas behind us and New Year’s ahead, it can be tough to reach people. Here are a handful of tips from our reps on how to find success between the holidays:

  • Acknowledge the holidays. A little rapport can go a long way, especially around this time of year. Folks are looking forward to their vacations while doing their best to reach end-of-year goals. Talking about it makes for a better conversation!
  • Use automatic email replies to your advantage. If your prospect lists an alternate contact, try reaching out to that person to see where the conversation leads. Utilize the listed dates to plan your follow-ups, and keep an eye out for new contact numbers.
  • Be strategic with your outreach. If you know that someone is out of the office, hold off on contacting them until they return. Some of our team members reach out the day that folks return to the office; others prefer to wait until the next day. Either way, make sure to ask how their time away was!
  • Focus on following-up. Try to end conversations rather than starting them. Most companies are trying to wrap up the year and plan for the next, and may not be as open to new ideas as they will be in January. Do what you can to follow-up with folks who are familiar with you and your product.
  • Lean on social media. Lots of folks will browse LinkedIn, even when they aren’t in the office – use this time to share great information on your page. If you’re sending messages over LinkedIn, use the holidays to bond a bit before going into the pitch!

What other tips and tricks can a great outsourced sales rep use to stay in touch throughout the holidays? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!