Welcome back to our Talent as a Service Spotlight series! For our second feature, we sat down with one of our newer outsourced inside sales team members, Tamia Laptiste, to ask about her experiences. 

Like many of our Talent as a Service programs, Tamia’s sales process is unique. Like most of our team members, she uses the skills she developed through Bandalier University’s Sales 101 training to set appointments for her client. However, rather than scheduling a short meeting with a single decision-maker, she has to find time for an entire team to sit down for a ‘lunch and learn’! Tough as it is to coordinate a meeting for an entire office, Tamia doesn’t let the challenge slow her down – and she’s mentioned that food can be a great motivator! Plus, she leans on her team for guidance. Here’s how she describes it:

“Working on a TaaS program has allowed me to really immerse myself in the idea of kaizen. Working on Lydia’s team, in particular, I have been introduced to a group of individuals who are all highly motivated and talented, which constantly pushes me to better myself. I love the atmosphere that Bandalier has created and I am motivated by my colleagues who consistently show everyone their overwhelming support. I feel especially confident knowing that if I ever need help during my time at Bandalier, I have an experienced group of innovative thinkers available to help me along the way.”

Much as Des and Sheontee teamed up to handle tough gate-keepers, Lydia and Tamia have worked closely to refine Tamia’s strategies. Lydia’s experience with polite persistence and her quiet determination to help her team succeed helped Tamia quickly deliver results for her client. Tamia says that her experiences with Bandalier have changed how she communicates:

“I’ve gained increased confidence in my abilities. I am typically a rather soft-spoken person. However, I have become more assertive and discovered the importance of not only what you say, but how you say it. Each day I never know what to expect and I constantly face new situations that force me to develop new strategies. The greatest gift through this experience is that as I develop these strategies, they are easily transferable and help foster success in my day to day life. I have gained knowledge in an industry that I would otherwise know very little about, which has been an incredible learning experience.”

We’re excited to keep working with Tamia as she continues to refine her outreach strategies! If you’re interested in working with driven salespeople like Tamia, you can learn more about Bandalier by visiting our website. If you’re ready to build a career with Bandalier, you can apply here. We’re excited to hear from you!