Jarrod joined the Bandalier team in the spring of 2020. As a college student, his priority was exploring his career. Three years later, he describes his time with Bandalier as the foundation for his career in sales. Watch the interview below to learn how Jarrod built a career with Bandalier – or keep reading for the highlights.

Jarrod has always been a hard worker – even throughout high school, he was constantly rushing between jobs. When he started studying at Binghamton University, he knew he would be looking for work before long. With a friend’s recommendation, he joined the Bandalier team:

“I’ve always been someone who really enjoys working. In high school, I was always bouncing from one job to the next, 16 hours a day. I’ve always been passionate about sales, and I don’t remember who said something, but someone who worked there told me to apply.”

As a part-time SDR and full-time college student, Jarrod was constantly learning. Throughout his tenure with Bandalier, he had the opportunity to explore a variety of industries and unique sales programs:

“My first account was probably the worst – it was hard to get meetings, because we were calling big, enterprise companies. My second program was much clearer. Having good, direct communication and good, built out systems where I knew the process helped a lot.”

His incredible work ethic translated into a hectic final semester. As he prepared to graduate early, Jarrod moved into a full-time role with Bandalier. That meant he was constantly on the move:

“The client I had called all over the country, so I’d block out my class time. I had lifeguard training, so I would run the morning huddle, then jump in the pool, swim for an hour, then hop right back to my desk. It was cool, running a small team – it was awesome.”

In early 2022, Jarrod graduated from Binghamton University and set off on his next adventure. After a cross-country road trip, he was ready to launch his career in a new state. He bet on himself and moved to Florida to look for new opportunities:

“I had no job at all. I figured I’m smart, I”m young, we’ll figure it out. Two weeks, I fired out 400 applications, interviews 9 to 5.”

His first role wasn’t quite the right fit for him – but it was a valuable learning experience. After building his expertise, he was ready to find a new challenge. Thanks to Bandalier’s alumni network, he found it:

“I’ve been trying to stay in touch with people, and I saw that someone posted a role. I reached out to him, and he asked me to shoot an application over. I end up doing that, and that’s how I got this job.”

Looking back on his career trajectory, Jarrod describes his experiences with Bandalier as a fundamental aspect of his professional development:

“Every person who doesn’t know what they want to do, I say Bandalier. The Bandalier training I had was good, but it improved drastically even while I was there. There’s no other company I’ve seen so far that offers training like Bandalier. It’s a great entry-level role, and getting those fundamentals in is important. It can be a great long-term play, as well.”