Welcome back to the second installment of our newest series on our Junior Program Managers! To round out this section, we have three great leaders to introduce.

Up first is Luke Graci! Luke joined our team near the start of the year, and he always has something interesting to share with the team. He shares music often, and always has great suggestions based on what other folks recommend. We asked his team lead, Dylan Smith, what it’s like to work with Luke, and here’s what he said:

“Luke has taken the initiative to solve issues that come before him, while diligently working to improve himself and the team. He has brought great insight and additions to call reviews, roleplays, and trainings. He also led a workshop Wednesday session on Active Listening that was very well received by the team.

Next up is Jessica Kehoe! Jess joined our team last fall as a sales rep, but now works with our largest customer service client. She helps answer complex questions from the rest of the team – and field calls from frustrated clients. No matter what question you have, Jess is there to answer it with a smile. In her time at Bandalier, she’s exemplified kaizen – she’s always looking for ways to improve her performance and help the team improve, too. We asked Laura, another of our Junior PMs, what it’s been like to work alongside Jess:

“I worked with Jess shortly after she joined Bandalier, and it’s been amazing to see her grow into her own leadership style. She was working on a few tough programs, but she always kept a positive attitude and showed up to meetings with a smile.”

Last but not least is Jeffrey Sexton! He works alongside Jess answering questions and helping with complex calls. He has a wealth of diverse experiences, and has used all of them to drive his team towards success. Whenever the team has questions, Jeffrey is there to answer – whether it’s about navigating a specific platform, a detailed question about the client’s policies, or a more general question. Here’s how Jess describes working with Jeffrey:

“Jeffrey is a very hard worker and great leader on his program. He is very reliable and attentive to the team. He also goes above and beyond for every single member. He makes every work day very enjoyable by sharing jokes and riddles with the team.”

We’re looking forward to working with these Junior Program Managers as they grow fully into their roles! If you’re interested in working with outsourced inside sales team leads like these folks, submit your application at bandalier.co/careers.