Each week, Bandalier runs a handful of SPIFFs to keep things entertaining. Origins of the acronym vary – but long story short, our SPIFFs are games that we run to help keep our team engaged. Here are a few of our favorites!

Trivia is one of our most popular. We start by choosing topics in our company-wide huddle first thing in the morning – those have included trivia about our team members, alongside classic categories like sports, movies, and geography. Team members earn questions by reaching a certain number of activities or booking appointments for their clients; they pick the topic, but anyone can answer the question. It’s a great way to see what your team’s interests are – turns out we have a lot of folks who know their capital cities.

We recently tried a new SPIFF designed by one of our new junior program managers, Jarrod Pine. It was a digital version of Scrabble, and players earned letters by completing activities. The goal was to spell the longest word. Our winner managed to spell “acquaintanceship”! While it might not work out for a normal Scrabble board, it was a great game to break up the week.

Some days, we focus on fun for our SPIFFs! The best example is what we’ve taken to calling “The Gif Game”. One of our program managers posts a prompt every hour or so, and team members respond in a thread with their most relatable gif. The team votes with reactions, and the person with the most reactions wins the thread. Another favorite was “Guess the Pet” – our managers shared pictures of team members’ pets, and other folks on the team had to guess the owner. 

Our SPIFFs can get intense – most of our team members are competitive! If you’re a driven sales person looking to join our team, head over to bandalier.co/careers to apply.