Since our beginning, Bandalier has been dedicated to connecting talented individuals with opportunities in growing companies. Over the past few months, as our team has adapted to working remotely, we’ve had the opportunity to work with team members across the country. 

While Bandalier is headquartered in Binghamton’s Southern Tier Incubator, we have team members living from coast to coast, in rural and urban areas. There’s a great example of extremes just from our leadership team. Our CEO, Jeremy Ruch, spends most of his time in and around New York City; our Head of People, Dr. Caroline Millen, lives in rural Pennsylvania surrounded by sheep! Most of our team falls somewhere in between, living in large towns and small cities in upstate New York. 

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to work with folks in further-flung parts of the country! Teddy Boucard, one of the entrepreneurs featured in the introduction to our Side-Hustle Series, lives in Lancaster, PA. It would take a little over 3 hours for him to commute to our main office! We asked Teddy about his experiences as a fully-remote employee with Bandalier, and here’s what he had to say:
“It’s been a pretty good experience so far. The flexibility of the company has been a huge surprise, and very helpful for me, since I’m also running my book store. I was also surprised by how personal Jeremy and Matt have been with me – it speaks volumes when you have the people in charge joining meetings and taking the time to speak to us individually. I also hope to work with more of the Bandalier team in the future!”

In comparison to our most remote rep, Maraina, Teddy lives nearby! Maraina is based out of California, and starts her day when most of our team is heading to lunch. Her shifted schedule gives her an advantage – she has more opportunities to reach folks living on the West Coast. The only issues she runs into is receiving early morning message from her East Coast teammates!

We’re excited to keep working with spectacular reps across the country. If you’re interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you