Since the last installment of the Bandalier New Leaders Series, which featured new Program Managers who were promoted in June, we’ve been fortunate enough to welcome four more team members into the PM role! This week, we wanted to celebrate the first of this round’s New Leaders, Matt Krajnyk. 

When Matt joined us in November of 2020 as an inside sales rep, it didn’t take long for us to notice his hustle. Although he didn’t have much sales experience then, he quickly jumped into making cold calls and started booking meetings for his client almost immediately. After about 8 months of consistently driving results for that same client, Matt started to transition into more of a leader on his team, and became a Junior Program Manager back in July.

Something that’s impressed all of us about Matt has been his ability to quickly learn and adapt. Matt has often had to pivot and target new industries, and was always able to take things he’s learned from elsewhere and apply them to his current campaigns. Not only has Matt applied this trait to sales, but he’s also rapidly improved as a leader and someone that newer reps can go to for help.

Lilia Nunez Guerrero, another new Program Manager who’s worked alongside Matt since February, explained to us the impact that she’s seen Matt make on their team:

When I first joined, there were a lot of changes happening, and my managers were doing their best to train me but were also very busy dealing with other challenges – that’s when Matt stepped in and started training me. When i started making calls I was nervous and he agreed to sit with me and do “round robins” for the first few days, and he was actually there with me when I booked my first demo! Fast forward to now, we got promoted together and I really don’t think I would’ve made it this far, this fast without him without him having my back.

Congratulations again to Matt on the new Program Manager role! We’re excited to see what impact he’s able to have on future clients and team members.