A core value at Bandalier is kaizen – the idea of continuous improvement. This is something that helps us learn and grow over time, and we’ve used it to build an intentional culture around hiring and management. That’s why we maintain an obsessive focus on feedback we receive from team members, and keep a close eye on retention metrics. 

Any Bandalier team member’s experience with the company begins with our interview process, and we spend a lot of time ensuring that even those people not selected (which due to the competitive nature of our roles unfortunately winds up being the majority of applicants) get something from the process. Over 75% of candidates report having a positive experience with their Bandalier interview. Our roleplay section gets a lot of comments due to the interactive nature of this section, and a few reviewers have said that it set Bandalier apart from their past interview experiences. You can find a more detailed breakdown of why we use roleplays in our interviews here. 

Once they join the team, 92% of team members say they’d recommend Bandalier as a place to work to their friends. This is something we’re really proud of, and we have actually built it into our recruiting strategy. Many employees have referred friends to roles here at Bandalier. Since April, 125 people have applied after being referred by a current team member. In part because of this, we’ve been able to build strong bonds across our team. We’ve had distant colleagues, friends, couples, and siblings work together at Bandalier (which gives us great ammo for trivia events).

One area we’ve been particularly focused on improving based on employee feedback in 2021 is compensation and benefits.  Our full-time team members receive 14 days of PTO along with 10 federal holidays, plus the option to flex their schedule. We also offer health insurance and introduced parental leave this year. 

But that’s just benefits – lots of folks are focused on compensation, and for good reason. Bandalier prioritizes connecting talent with new opportunities. In some cases, that means helping our team members like Rob and Christian work with clients directly: Bandalier has connected 5 team members with in-house opportunities in just the last few months. However, we also promote growth within Bandalier. Our leadership team is composed solely of folks who were promoted from our sales teams, and we offer rapid growth for folks that are eager to take on more responsibility. Someone can go from being a brand new sales rep to a program manager over the course of six months – but we also offer paths for folks to explore more sales skills, or subjects that align more closely with their long-term career goals.

Looking for a new challenge? Feeling stuck with your current position? We almost always have openings and do NOT require you to have customer success or sales experience. We train all new team members regardless of experience and background. Apply today at bandalier.co/careers!