Our company mission is to connect talent with growing tech companies in places that don’t typically have access to these industries. To achieve this, we needed to find a place that has a large, high quality talent pool. Our Founder and CEO, Jeremy, had an idea: towns near universities are a breeding ground for talent. Binghamton was in the search.

​While exploring potential university towns, Jeremy had to keep in mind that we needed a head of office who knows both the industry and the area around our potential HQ. Before long, Jeremy was referred to a man named Matt Scanlon, a sales leader in Binghamton, by 2 different people and did cold outbound to pique his interest about discussing this “Bandalier project.” Fun fact – it wasn’t until the second attempt and referral that Matt actually gave him a chance.

After exploring the area with serious intentions, it was clear that Binghamton would be a great home for Bandalier. It had an up and coming downtown area that would be perfect for a small office, with space and opportunity to grow with the company (which wasn’t certain at the time but look at us now!). There is a great talent pool of both locals and college students/recent graduates looking to start their career in tech. The final selling point was the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator (aka “the Incubator” internally and locally). Just opening at the time, the Incubator provides an amazing environment for a startup AND extra connections to a motivated workforce at Binghamton University, SUNY Broome, and local talent!

The Incubator has supported us through great times just as well as through our toughest (notably 2020), and has been home to many of our team building events.

Like the rest of the world, we never predicted all of the changes that would be brought on by COVID-19. This changed how and where we work, recruit, and interact forever. We’ve had to learn how to stay motivated, bring up our teammates when they’re feeling down, train new members, and keep producing results for clients all while being remote. But with every struggle there is opportunity if you focus on what you can control and respond accordingly. Over the last year, we stopped hiring exclusively in the Binghamton area and have employees all over the US (we’ve even had internationally-based employees!). We have our first satellite office in Richmond, KY after a few happy coincidences and a ton of referrals from our team members there.

Whether you’re in the Binghamton area or across the country, if you’re looking for a new challenge, I encourage you to apply today! We’re currently hiring and always accept applications – check out our openings at bandalier.co/careers.