In the last installment of our New Leaders series, we’re excited to celebrate our first Team Leads – Renee, Matt, and John!

First Team Leads
Image of Bandalier’s first Team Leads.

Team Leads at Bandalier

Bandalier introduced the new Team Lead to widen our paths into leadership. Plenty of our new hires are excited to take on new responsibilities. Now, any team member who’s participated in our leadership development course can apply for a Team Lead role at Bandalier. As a Team Lead, they’ll work closely with their Program Manager and pod to help build connections across the team. This includes working with their team mates to review goals and test new outreach strategies. Team Leads also answer questions for new team members who are learning the ropes.

Renee Choong

Renee joined our team in February 2021. As part of our largest outsourced customer service team, she learned from our cornerstone leaders – like Jesse and Kelly. Renee made a strong impression as she swiftly adapted to the role. She’s in the middle of studying data science at Binghamton University, and is quick to share insights from her studies. As our team shifted their focus to operational improvements, Renee continued to impress us with her efficiency. Her task was to review media cases for her client. She started off strong, easily clearing her goals, and kept ramping up from there! We asked Renee what she’s learned in her first few weeks working with the team, and here’s what she said:

“I like to engage with my team members one-on-one and help them stay motivated. I realized that everyone have their own ways of motivation. Working with them individually rather than as a group helps tremendously.”

Matt Ditzig

Matt joined Bandalier in May 2022. His interests in entrepreneurship, marketing and sales brought him to Bandalier while he was searching for opportunities to grow. Much like our past Program Manager, Dylan Smith, Matt has used his experience in the fitness world to motivate his teammates. He’s been a key figure in his outsourced sales team’s success. You’ll always find Matt pushing out a few more activities or working with his team mates to test new techniques!

John Langford

John joined our team alongside Matt! As part of the same pod, they’ve worked together to build a collaborative space for the team to grow together. John’s past experience includes a little bit of everything, from the service industry to real estate to teaching! With that diversity of experience, he’s been able to build strong relationships with his teammates and his prospects. John is quick to test new techniques with Matt. They’ve learned a lot from Brenden and Andréa as they grow into their new roles! Here’s how John described his experiences at Bandalier:

“I like the family atmosphere at Bandalier team. While working with my team, I like to engage with them by actively listening to them and giving positive feedback to help them stay motivated.”

Congratulations again to our first ever Team Leads! If you’re looking for an incredible team to grow with, get in touch with us – we’re always looking for fresh talent to pair with growing companies.