We’re excited to feature our newest Program Managers, Kelly Callahan and Andréa Dow!

program managers

What Program Managers Do

Bandalier’s Program Managers build our teams and create connections. They handle all of the day-to-day tasks that go into managing our outsourced inside sales and customer service teams. When new clients and new team members come on board, PMs start building relationships. As reps start training with their client, their PMs learn alongside them. Once they know the program, our managers share tips on how reps can make work more efficiently. Our Program Managers help guide their team members’ growth, identifying key areas for training and reinforcing existing strengths. In some cases, they may help team members learn higher-level sales skills. In others, they may help their team work through sophisticated technical training. As PMs guide their team members’ professional development, they do a lot of growing themselves.

Kelly Callahan

Kelly joined our team in January of 2021 – if you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, that date probably seems familiar! She was a keystone rep on our largest outsourced customer service team – alongside Jess Kehoe and Jesse Toler. Kelly and Jess were members of our first cohort, and worked together closely to train newer team members. They made a strong pair – Kelly helped folks learn the basics before they practiced those skills in roleplays with Jess. As Kelly grew into her leadership role, she focused on surfacing the needs of her customer service reps, and given great feedback on the tweaks Bandalier can make to better evaluate the success of our customer service representatives. She’s been a spectacular team member, and we’re excited to see the impact she’ll have as part of our leadership team!

Andréa Dow

Andréa joined Bandalier twice. She originally joined our team in 2021, and made such a strong impression on her client that she went to work with them directly! When Andréa was looking for more growth opportunities in early 2022, she returned to Bandalier. She leverages her past experience to help her teammates ramp up faster and achieve better results. She’s had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of different programs while working alongside Matt Krajnyk and Brenden Gorman. Andréa delivers great feedback to her teammates and is quick to share new techniques after she tests them. She’s also our resident football expert and always keeps us up to date on the performance of her beloved Green Bay Packers! Andréa developed a fantasy football SPIFF that sparked some great competition for her team. We’re excited to see Andréa bring that competitive spirit to our leadership team.

Congratulations again to our newest Program Managers! Kelly and Andréa are integral members of our team, and we’re thrilled to see them step into their new roles and grow alongside Bandalier. If you’re looking for an incredible team to grow with, get in touch with us! We’re always looking for folks who are ready to grow with us – apply for a new job here, or contact us about a new business partnership here!