At Bandalier, our mission is to connect talent in small to medium sized towns and cities with growing tech start-ups across the country. As part of our recipe for success, we give our clients the opportunity to hire the team members who represent them. (If you’ve been following our blog, you may remember the example the Rob Rangel set over the summer.) Today, we wanted to feature our most recent direct hire, Christian Finch!

Christian joined our team in October of 2019. As a full-time student at Binghamton University, he was looking for real-world experience. With a major in business administration and a concentration in finance, Christian was excited for the opportunity to test his skill in the sales world. He joined our team with no previous sales experience, but hit the ground running once he wrapped up the Bandalier Bootcamp

For Christian, stepping into a sales role felt natural. Like many of the extroverts on our team, he looks forward to connecting with new people every day. Every introduction felt like a victory, even if it didn’t lead to the conversation he had planned. When calls went awry, Christian knew he could rely on our team for constructive feedback. Christian was one of our most tenacious team members, always grinding towards his next success. As he describes it, the role of a sales rep “isn’t always instantly gratifying. Sometimes you’ll make 250 calls in a week without getting a demo. But once you get one, it’s all worth it.”

After almost a year with Bandalier, Christian was offered the opportunity to join his client’s team directly. He had worked with DADO for several months as a Bandalier rep through our Talent as a Service program, so when DADO needed their own internal rep, Christian was their first choice. As a Sales Development Representative on DADO’s growth team, Christian is able to leverage the sales skills he built up during his time at Bandalier. As Christian said,

“Without Bandalier, I probably wouldn’t be working full-time now, nor would I have a part-time job in college. I owe a lot to Bandalier. Taking a college kid, teaching him sales, and letting him go into another start-up is tremendous. I really owe the team a lot.”

Though we miss having Christian on our team, we’re excited to watch his career with DADO! If you’re interested in working with our team, head over to our website – we’d love to hear from you.